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Specjalna sesja na IMIS’2010 07/16/2009

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Zaproszono mnie do komitetu programowego specjalnej sesji poświęconej zaufaniu i kontekstowi w przetwarzaniu. Sesja odbywa się w ramach warsztatu The 4th International Workshop on Intelligent, Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing, który odbędzie się w dniach 15-18.02.2010 w Krakowie. Materiały będą drukowane przez IEEE Computer Society Press. Poniżej zamieszczam Call For Papers i zapraszam serdecznie do przesyłania artykułów:

4th International Workshop on Intelligent, Mobile and
Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS 2010)
Krakow, Poland, 15-18 February 2010


Special Session on
Trust and Context in Ubiquitous Computing


Contribution Submission:  1st September 2009
Notification:                          1st November 2009
Camera Ready                       14th November 2009

The use of contextual information in ubiquitous computing raise
evident trust issues (e.g., privacy protection, context quality) but
also open new possibilities (e.g., location-based services,
geo-encryption). The special session aims to stimulate an exchange of
ideas on the topic of context and trust management in ubiquitous
computing; it offers scientists and engineers that are active in the
area to discuss the state of the art, to identify open and emerging
problems, to share research experiences, and to propose future
research directions.

Contributions should focus Trust and Context aspects for Ubiquitous
Computing relatively (but not limited) to the following areas:

  • Data aggregation, integration
  • Context sources and data
  • Software architecture
  • Communication protocols
  • Social networks
  • Reputation systems
  • Quality of information
  • Trust management
  • User control and awareness
  • Privacy and security policies
  • Security issues and solutions
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Context-aware applications
  • Performance and scalability issues
  • Formal Models and concepts
  • Smart spaces and environments
  • Use cases and demos
  • Usability studies
  • Crowd Prediction
  • Collaborative research

Both theoretical and applied research papers are welcome. The workshop
will consist of original research, case studies, implementation
experiences, work-in-progress or properly motivated future research.

Manuscripts must be at most 8 pages including figures and references,
two columns, single-spaced, using 10 fonts, and number each page.
The author guidelines are available at following web page:

Proceedings of the workshop will be published by IEEE Computer Society
Press. The proceedings will be available at the conference.

Gabriele Lenzini, Novay, The Netherlands (Gabriele.Lenzini@novay.nl)
Marinella Petrocchi, IIT-CNR, Italy      (Marinella.Petrocchi@iit.cnr.it)


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